Frequently Asked Questions

Charcuterie & Dry Curing

What is dry-cured?

What do the words charcuterie and salumi mean?

Do I need to cook charcuterie before eating?

Can I cook charcuterie?

What's that aroma?

How long is dry-cured meat good for after I open it?

How do I store my charcuterie?

At what temperature should I serve charcuterie?


Is Prosciutto raw?

What ingredients are used to make Del Duca® Prosciutto?

What part of the pig is used to make prosciutto?

What type of salt is used during the dry-curing process?

Does Prosciutto contain any allergens or attributes?

Why is Prosciutto generally more expensive than other hams?

What is Del Duca® Jamòn Serrano Prosciutto?

How do you eat Prosciutto?

How do you slice Prosciutto?

Where can I buy Del Duca® products?