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No charcuterie board is complete without Del Duca®! Discover our gourmet offerings.

Del Duca chorizo is made with the finest pork and seasoned to perfection by artisan salumists for a truly authentic taste of Spain.
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Our Salami is a feast of color, aroma and taste! We adhere to tried Italian traditions that include dry-curing for up to 120 days.
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Described by our master artisans as “the silk dress of Italian charcuterie,” Del Duca Prosciutto is made to share and easy to love.
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Made from a coarse grind of premium pork, this savory masterpiece is aged for six to eight weeks and will delight your tastebuds with notes of black peppercorns, garlic, and salt.
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Del Duca Capocollo is a delicious Italian-style ham made from the most delicate pork shoulder cut. Seasoned and cured for four months, each cut is checked daily for pure goodness.
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Del Duca Pancetta is what bacon wishes it could be. This Italian-style delicacy is made from the leanest pork belly available for a flavorful, versatile, and delicious depth of flavor.
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